The current real estate market, with record-low mortgage rates and bargain-basement prices, offers today’s investor incredible opportunities. Historically, after every bust there is a boom, and knowing where the opportunities lie in today’s market can help secure your financial future.

Americans have traditionally chosen to gamble on the stock market for additional income and retirement funds; however, real estate—especially today—can provide cash flow, more stability and better tax incentives than investing in stocks. In fact, when properly managed, leveraged equity in real estate can far outpace stock appreciation over time.

Today’s market conditions require in-depth understanding. Our Investment Specialist Advantage Agents have been educated and have the experience to help you meet your real estate investment goals.

In most cases, a real estate agent’s commission is covered by the property seller. So if you are considering purchasing an investment property, you can benefit from the Investment Specialist Advantage program at no additional cost to you.